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MCYC Subcommittees

MCYC has two subcommittees: the Mental Health subcommittee, and the Policy & Advocacy subcommittee. Subcommittee meeting times are flexible for members. We'd love to hear your voice on these teams!

Interested in joining? Learn more on the Join The Team page!

Mental Health 

The Mental Health team researches mental health topics and collects student art about mental health, for later placement onto a hub on the MCYC website. Want to research, recruit artists, or help in another way? Fill out the form below!

Policy & Advocacy Subcommittee

The Policy & Advocacy team identifies and researches state-level policy in Indiana that impacts youth. When policy is chosen, we work to advocate for or against it through contacting legislators and building solidarity among youth and adult allies. Interested in joining? Fill out the form below!

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