Meet the Leadership Team

These are the teens on Monroe County Youth Council! They are in charge of planning events, like Global Youth Service Day, coming up with topics for our ENGAGE Series, and much more. If you are interested in joining, check out the "Join The Team" page!


My name is Greta Kollbaum. I am a senior at North and I have been a part of MCYC for 3 years. I spend most of my time at the pool swimming, lifeguarding, and teaching swim lessons. I am passionate about getting involved in the community in every way possible to make a positive difference!

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My name is Alia Goldstein. This will be my second year as part of MCYC. I am a senior at North, and I enjoy gymnastics, playing clarinet, and hiking. I am particularly passionate about climate activism and equity in the workplace.


Hi! My name is Samantha Scott. I’m 16 and a junior at Bloomington High School North. I spend a lot of my time running with my cross country team. This is my first full year in MCYC. I’m excited to get more involved with this community!!


My name is Sierra Walden. I’m a sophomore at Harmony School. This will be my second year on MCYC. I spend a lot of time at the library and enjoy reading and talking to people. I’m passionate about school environments and safer education. 


Hey, my name is Deep Patel and I am a junior at Edgewood High School. This is my second year being an MCYC member. I am excited to get involved in our community and make a positive impact. I enjoy making art and hanging with my friends.