About MCYC

The Monroe County Youth Council is a youth-run organization established in 2011 in order to: “Improve the quality of life of youth in Monroe County, Indiana.”


  • MCYC is a fun and exciting way for high-school students to impact the community.

  • MCYC is a way to meet and get to know other like-minded students from different schools in Monroe County.

  • MCYC can help you fulfill your school, club, or college applications with community service & leadership experience.

  • MCYC involvement provides you with easy-to-access, teen-friendly volunteering, a service resume, and hours tracking.

  • MCYC provides learning opportunities to gain a broader understanding of issues in the community.

  • MCYC offers exclusive participation to registered members for events to make a difference in the community through education, action, advocacy, or service.

MCYC Coordinates or Hosts:

🌟 Monthly Teen-Friendly Service Opportunities

🌟 Monthly Teen-Friendly Learning Opportunities

🌟 Social and Fun ways to meet other Community-Engaged Teens

🌟 Flexible Leadership Opportunities to Impact Your Community


Structure & Roles

So, WHO makes up the Monroe County Youth Council?



(6-12 members)  Applications Open May 2020





  • SERVICE TEAM::Service Opportunities Development Team

  • LEARNING TEAM::Educational Opportunities Development Team

  • SOCIAL TEAM::Fun, Food & Social Opportunities Development Team

  • PROMOTIONS TEAM::Promotional Campaign Development Team

  • COMMUNICATIONS TEAM::Participant Cultivation & Communications Team

  • FUNDING TEAM::Fundraising & Development Team


  • Coordinate administration, calendar, and communications of MCYC

  • Lead Project Teams

  • Complete Required trainings for Leadership Team roles

  • Meet Monthly throughout the year

  • Participate in 3 opportunities or events each season



  • At Least a Sophomore grade level

  • Minimum of 1-year of MCYC previous participation required

  • Selected at the end of the year in May from the past year’s participants and they commit to meeting over the summer for training, planning, and prep for the following year.



MCYC PROJECT TEAM MEMBERS (20-24 members)  Rolling Application Deadline




  1. SERVICE TEAM:: Service Opportunities Development Team

  2. LEARNING TEAM:: Educational Opportunities Development Team

  3. SOCIAL TEAM:: Fun, Food & Social Opportunities Development Team

  4. PROMOTIONS TEAM:: Promotional Campaign Development Team

  5. COMMUNICATIONS TEAM:: Participant Cultivation & Communications Team

  6. FUNDING TEAM:: Fundraising & Development Team



  • Support MCYC on a Project Team

  • Meet as needed to complete projects

  • Actively participate in the planning process on your team

  • Participate in your MCYC planned project or event



  • Minimum of 3-months of MCYC experience. (1+ season) waived for 2019-2020

  • Minimum of 10-hours served and logged online.  waived for 2019-2020

  • Apply online for selection to serve during at least one 3-month season (Fall, Winter, Spring) - including your team and commitment preferences (submit 2-weeks prior to the start of a season)







  • Log your hours and participation online as you get involved



  • No previous experience required.


Our History

THE MONROE COUNTY YOUTH COUNCIL (MCYC) was created in 2011 through a collaboration of local youth-serving agencies and the Asset Building Coalition. MCYC is comprised of 40+ high school students from public and private schools in Monroe County who meet once a monthly during the school year; a team of youth leaders meet throughout the summer to plan for the next academic year.  


The Monroe County Youth Council partners with community organizations throughout the year to engage with and understand their service needs.


MCYC promotes and recognizes youth in action in the community and fosters volunteer service opportunities for and by youth.


Since its beginning, MCYC has organized Bloomington’s celebration of the youth-led worldwide event Global Youth Service Day. 


MCYC is committed to service and leadership; the structure and focus of MCYC shifts every school year based on the teen leadership team’s vision and goals for the next school year.  MCYC is youth-driven and led, with support from and in collaboration with adult allies.


MCYC was a sub-committee of the Asset Building Coalition (ABC) from 2011 through early 2017.  ABC provided structural support for a variety of youth serving sub-committees in Monroe County Indiana, including the Bloomington AfterSchool Network, NET Prevent Child Abuse, Youth Worker Café, Building a Thriving Compassionate Community Bloomington, and the Monroe County Youth Council.  With the sub-committee efforts growing and requiring more infrastructure and support, ABC members decided in 2017 to move their sub-committee initiatives under the umbrella of the Youth Services Bureau of MonroeCounty (YSB).


YSB is excited to continue participating in and supporting the work of the various sub-committees, along with the City of Bloomington Volunteer Network and the Monroe County Public Library.


MCYC members (youth) and the MCYC community partners collaborate on MCYC goals and objectives; MCYC members inform the direction and activities of MCYC with support.  MCYC is funded primarily by grants, sponsorships, and generous in-kind contributions.  


©2020 by Monroe County Youth Council.

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